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There are many e-books & study material for SSB available on different sites & groups on Facebook. SSB Preparation Material Download Free PDF [All Sets]. give_&_take_sonusmac. Happy Cracking SSB Preparation Material Download Free PDF. SSB interview book ebook PDF download. Did you find our content. All the below materials are given in pdf format for taking printout and to do real time preparation. If you like this work, Donate Rs. Donate Rs.

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Ssb Preparation Books Pdf

Home / Tag Archives: ssb interview books pdf download. Tag Archives: ssb interview books pdf download. SSB Interview Procedure | 5 Day Procedure | SSB Coaching. March 12, Latest 0 How to prepare for the SSB Interview?. Want to prepare for SSB interview and looking for PDFs on SSB interview preparation. Check out our complete 5 days SSB interview procedure PDF which With downloaded PDF book, one can go through the study material. Download SSB E-books and guides explaining Psychology, Interview & GTO tests. Previous year AFCAT Papers and Recent CDS & AFCAT Exam Notifications.

Download SSB interview procedure for free here. No matter how much you are brilliant, it is the SSB interview which decides whether you are fit for serving as an officer in defence forces of India. Most of the aspirants appear in the SSB interview without preparation. Many candidates are asked to appear for the interview and if they have Officers Like Qualities in them, then they will be automatically get selected by the selection boards. But this is completely a wrong notion. SSB interview is an interview in place for selecting the future officers and leaders of defence forces. One cannot blindly appear for the SSB interview thinking that one will get selected if he has all qualities. It is just as if you are appearing for a written exam without even knowing the pattern and syllabus of the exam.

TAT consists of a series of 12 pictures which are shown to the candidate on the projector for 30 sec. Every picture shown has a situation which gives the base of the story. Here, story is the candidate's reaction in the form of thoughts to that particular environment. Time for projection of each picture is 30 sec and 4 min for writing the story. A candidate should identify the hero by his age and sex and give him a name.

No need of surname. The purpose behind this is that it shows the ambitiousness and dynamism of candidate. Following are the three attributes of hero :NAME: Name should be short, sweet, modern and meaningful. Side Characters These are the one's who assist the hero in achieving his goal.

SSB Interviews Pdf Book by Upkar’s Publication Free Download

Establishment of Theme Based on the above analysis and calculation, candidate decides the central idea i. Writing the Story A good story writing involves the following three key points:- What led to the Situation This is the beginning part of the story which constitutes lines. Here a need or problem or challenge is presented and along with the identification of hero, the aim of the hero is given.

What happened Afterwords This is the middle part of the story and constitutes lines. This part gives the description of the actions of the hero. The efforts or steps he takes, the methods he adopts and his journey to achieve his aim, all these things are to be given in this part.

This part is most important one as it reflects the personality of the candidate, on the basis of which the assessment is done by the psychologist. What is the Final Result or Outcome This is the end part of story which constitutes lines. This part reflects the final outcome and shows the result of hero's efforts. Do's Write the story in a single paragraph.

Handwriting should be neat and clean without any cutting and overwriting. Write the story in past indefinite tense and in third person.

Dont's Your story should not have more than one hero.

SSB study material

Do not give name to the side character. Do not write a negative story. Do not describe the picture, instead you should give your thoughts and feelings for the same. Do not write any moral at the end of story. Do not put any prefix like Mr. Do not use pessimistic and negative words such as weak, hopeless, injured, miserable, guide, sad, etc, while expressing the attitude of hero.

Piece of Advice As I have already mentioned that the last picture is the blank picture in which candidate has to make a virtual story. Therefore, it is advisable for each one of you to prepare one story in advance, before going for the SSB as per the guidelines mentioned above. What is WAT?? Word Association Test is another projective method used by the psychologist in order to unearth one's personality.

WAT, in fact, is a test of creativity and imagination. Through this technique the psychologist examines the four attributes of psychology i. WAT proves to be very beneficial in determining the attitude and emotional feelings of the candidate because it represents the natural thought process of the candidate i.

WAT seeks the very first thought which comes to the mind of the candidate on seeing a word. What to do in WAT?? In WAT, a series of 60 words is shown to the candidate one by one on the projector and he is asked to form a meaningful sentence. Each word is shown for 15 secs and within this time limit, the candidate first has to see the word and then he has to record his thought in the form of a meaningful sentence.

Time for each word is fifteen seconds. There is a 4-fold action performed within 15 seconds :- Look at the word; Think of the first idea that comes to your mind; Create a complete sentence based upon first idea and finally Write the sentence against the correct word number.. Worth Noting Point There is a logical reason behind giving such a short time span for each words.

In WAT, the intention of the psychologist is to know the imagination, creativity and basic nature of the candidate. In order to fulfill his aim, a time constraint is put on the mind of the candidate which leads to the first spontaneous reaction which comes to the mind of the candidate on seeing the word. This spontaneous reaction gives the true picture of one's personality which is required by the psychologist in order to judge the candidate's personality.

Negative Words: Evil, Hatred, Dull, etc.

Similarly there are two types of sentences which are as under :- A Light Weight Sentence A light weight sentence is the ordinary one, routine in nature and has no meaning to any of the OLQs. For e. With respect to the two categories of words mentioned above, there is a different action plan or a different way of handling the two categories. In this method the starting word of sentence is TPSN followed by original word which is then followed by other words to complete the sentence.

SSB study material | Sonusmac

If you are also eligible for flying, make sure your coaching academy provides latest CPSS tests practice. If people go to a coaching institute, it is most likely that at least one guy will be recommended out of But without any preparation for SSB, you will surely fail. We always suggest you prepare for the SSB, a good coaching institute will always help you to prepare. At SSB you are alone and you have to perform.

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Generally, the candidate has to report at the railway station in the morning between 7 Am — 8 Am, and from there candidates are escorted to the board by one of the SSB official. On the very same day, candidates are made to sit in the testing hall where they have to present their educational documents for verification and are allotted a number called as Chest Number by which they will be able to identify the candidates throughout the process.

AFCAT 2018 Interview Study Material eBook Books PDF [DOWNLOAD]

A briefing about the schedule, various tests and general instructions is given. In this test, a picture, either hazy or clear is shown to the candidates for 30 seconds. Each candidate observes it and then, in the next one minute, must record the number of characters seen in the picture.

Then, in four minutes, each candidate must in over seventy words, make a story from the picture and not just describe the picture. The candidate must record the mood, approximate age and gender of the first character they saw, known as the "main character". In stage two of the PPDT, the candidates are given their stories, which they may revise. Then, in a group, each candidate must narrate his story in under one minute.

The group is then asked to create a common story involving each or their perceived picture stories. After the completion of these tests, unsuccessful candidates are dismissed. Other candidates are short-listed. They must complete the first of up to five personal information questionnaires which must each be recorded in the same manner.

The personal information questionnaire is the basis for the individual candidate interview. It is similar to the PPDT, but the picture used is clear. Again the candidates are shown a picture for thirty seconds and then write a story in the next four minutes. Twelve such pictures are shown sequentially. The last picture is a blank slide inviting the candidates to write a story of their choice.

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